Blue Mindscape

Blue Mindscape: A contemporary voices experience
Projection on historic façade and interview excerpts

By Habithèque and Greenhouse Media

This installation invites visitors to sit together around a dynamic and reflective blue pool. Our featured voices are amplified as an audioscape.

At this moment in time, the persistence of institutional racism has fueled a movement that has touched every major city and small town in America. The messages and experiential goals for POOL connect the FWW to this landmark time in American history. These current events validate how important shared social and public spaces are to fostering social change. POOL contributes to a better understanding of the roots and complexities of present-day racial and social inequality and the persistence of structural racism through the exhibit experiences we have created, and the voices included throughout the exhibition and our companion POOL magazine. In thinking about the civil rights movement, we need to consider schools, buses AND pools as important public spaces illuminating the ongoing failures of democracy—with ordinary people pushing and pulling towards a more just world.

This reflective pool provides a space for listening and reflection.

Featured Voices:

• Dr. Miriam Lynch, a swimmer, coach and the Executive Director of Diversity in Aquatics

• Naji Ali, long-distance swimmer and creator of Crossing the Lane Lines

• Rhonda Harper, founder of Black Girls Surf

• Dr. Angela Beale-Tawfeeq, Director of Education and Research for Diversity in Aquatics

• Coach Malachi and Olivia Cunningham, of the former Philadelphia Tigershark Swim Club

• Jim Ellis, famed Philadelphia swim coach, founder of PDR Swim Club

• Maritza Correia McClendon, the first Puerto Rican of African descent to be a member of the U.S. Olympic swimming team

• Cullen Jones, the first African-American to hold a world record in swimming

• Bruce Wigo, swimmer and former CEO of The International Swimming Hall of Fame, historian and writer

• Anthony Patterson, Sr., President, Nile Swim Club in Yeadon, PA

• Sabir Muhammad, the first African-American to win a medal at a major international swimming competition

• Kevin Colquitt, swimmer, historian and writer

This installation is inspired by the “Blue Mind Theory” regarding the significant effects of water in all its shapes and forms on our health and well-being, as explained by marine biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols in his landmark best-selling book, Blue Mind.

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