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"Pool: A Social History of Segregation" is a 4,700 square-foot, multi-disciplinary museum exhibition set in the National Historic Landmark Fairmount Water Works that will open to the public in 2021.

POOL helps to illuminate a history of segregated swimming in America and its connection to present-day drowning issues affecting Black communities. Weaving together history, art, storytelling, scholarship and place-based learning, this multi-disciplinary work explores the role of public pools in our communities, with the goal of deepening understanding of the connection between water, social justice and public health.

POOL has been made possible by the generous support of The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage and the Philadelphia Water Department.

Digital print on acrylic
Commissioned site-specific work, 2021
By Modupeola Fadugba
POOL brings to life additional new work by artists Homer Jackson, Cathleen Dean, Calo Rosa, Azikiwe Mohammed, Lowell Boston, Modupeola Fadugba, Ed Accura, Liz Corman and Aubrie Costello that springs from the historical context to expand the depth and breadth of POOL, while providing multiple—and sometimes unexpected—lenses to reconsider swimming together.
Water Safety Quiz
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Video wall of 15 vignettes
Commissioned site-specific work, 2021
By Homer Jackson
Curated collection of postcards collected at a selection of public pools
Hand-painted murals on acrylic
Commissioned site-specific work, 2021
By Calo Rosa
A History of Segregation Graphic Timeline and Slideshow
This installation presents looping video and audio content, providing glimpses of various aspects of the history of segregated swimming and its modern-day implication through different lenses.
Audio podcast series (re-broadcast),
By Naji Ali
By Habithèque and Greenhouse Media
Video documentation
Commissioned site-specific work, 2021
Featuring Rachel and Brianna Holmes, Santa Clara Aquamaid Artistic Swimming Club
By Liz Corman
Mixed Media
Commissioned Site-Specific Work, 2021
By Azikiwe Mohammed
This reflective space invites visitors to sit down to listen to narratives by Dr. Kevin Dawson
Excerpt from feature film
By Ed Accura