Philly Pool Love

Curated collection of postcards collected at a selection of public pools

This exhibit is a collaboration of lead designer Victoria Prizzia and artist Azikiwe Mohammed and silk graffiti artist Aubrie Costello.

We conducted a grassroots postcard campaign during two Saturdays in July 2021 at a selection of Philadelphia’s 70+ public pools in collaboration with the PPR Aquatics Team and education facilitators from FWWIC, with documentation by video team GreenTreks. We asked the public to share their thoughts, doodles, and artworks with us reflecting on the question: What does it feel like to swim?

This initiative built awareness about the exhibition while honoring the people who participated in our campaign.

Featured Pools:
Mander Playground
Francisville Recreation Center
Cobbs Creek Park
Northern Liberties Recreation Center

Special thanks to Public Pool Postcard Outreach Team:
Alliance for Watershed Education Fellows
Jon'avin Freeman
Amira Parker

Philadelphia Water Department, Environmental Education Planner
Stacey Heffernan

Documentation Crew
Maria Erades of GreenTreks

Multidisciplinary artist Azikiwe Mohammed is interested in constructing spaces of safety and welcome for people of color and for immigrants whose space is often threatened. According to the New York Times, “Mohammed’s visual universe is a realm devoted to everyday heroes and small acts of care.” His portraits, paintings, videos and installations explore the experiences and needs of people of color living in America and have received significant media attention.

Aubrie Costello is a visual artist + curator of multimedia collaborations. Her collaborative projects combine photographers, filmmakers, musicians, + performance artists + depict semi-fictional narratives + portrayals in each vignette. These works chronicle the often unseen, intimate moments, + nuanced emotions experienced within our personal relationships with self + others.

Led by its founder, Victoria Prizzia, Habithèque works as a cultural producer, creating exhibitions, public interventions and digital resources to fulfill a critical need: educating the public about nature-based solutions to some of the planet’s most critical challenges.